Dubbed as the world’s best island, Boracay is located in Malay, Aklan—the northwest tip of Panay Island in the Western Visayas region and south of Manila. It is just an hour away by plane from Metro Manila. Travelling for hours -- including land and water transfers -- is worth it, the moment your feet landed to the paradise of Boracay. It has been a living postcard because of its heavenly beaches, namely White Beach, Puka Beach, and Diniwid Beach.

The top destinations are divided into three stations: Station 1, 2 and 3.The main tourist destination is White Sand Beach because of the hotels, restaurants, bars, and water activities in the island.

Station 1 is situated at the north end of White Beach. It is the quietest and most peaceful place on the island. Station 2 is the most crowded station given that it is the center of action in Boracay, where mostly hotels and restaurants are erected. At the tail end of White Beach, tourists will find Station 3—a developing part made tranquil by the presence of the abounding nature.

A place for activities is what Bulabog beach offers. It is the get-go station when you wanted to unleash your sporty spirit. Bulabog beach is the perfect spot to do kite boarding, and winding surfing. Definitely the kind of activities you must try!

For tourists who wish to break away from the loud crowds in White Beach, Puka Beach is their best bet. Puka Beach will give you the sounds of calm crashing waves and the gentle breeze of trees. Despite the absence of powdery sands, Puka Beach offers the same clear waters that White Beach has. Definitely, the serene experience that Puka Beach offers is incomparable.

Then there’s Diniwid Beach, the soft side of Boracay. It is located alongside White Beach, where tourists will surely enjoy fresh air from the trees and the ocean. Diniwid offers seaside pleasures—serenity and stillness.