About Us


Canyon Hotels and Resorts has pampered travelers with exceptional services that enrich guest’s sojourn. Its unobstructed seascape, astonishing mountain sights, and picturesque setting  have made it as the top of the mind haven in the country.

The celebrated hotel and resort offers 500 exceptional suites and rooms around the Philippines. The facilities are family-oriented, it has exquisite variety of food and beverages, exclusive locations, and topnotch services, which come within every traveler’s means, have made Canyon Hotels and Resorts the top choice accommodation in Tagaytay, Batangas, and Boracay.

Canyon Woods, Canyon Cove, and Canyon de Boracay provide guests with tranquil sceneries, making our resorts sanctuaries for travelers who are looking for serenity.

Soon, Puerto Princesa jetsetters will finally experience the luxurious feeling by bringing in Canyon De Palawan.